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Unitarian Universalists of Transylvania County

2010 Something for Everyone
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E1 Schwinn Bicycle

Think of the fun you can have and how healthy it would be to own this fabulous,adult 17" Frontier GS 1998 Model bike with 21 speeds (but you don't HAVE to use them all) and an old fashion English basket. How cool is that! Original owner. Excellent condition.

  • Lelia Graham

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $250 Min: $100

E2 Brevard Philharmonic Tickets & light dinner

Spend an musical evening with Amy and Larry Huntley that includes two tickets to a Brevard Philharmonic concert featuring Lori Hicks, soprano, singing "Mozart to Gershwin." Following the concert, join Amy and Larry for a light dinner in their gracious Strauss Park home. Perhaps Larry will treat the winners to a French horn serenade during dinner. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity for a great Sunday afternoon. Ideal for a couple or two single folks.

  • Lawrence & Amy Huntley

Qty: 2 Remain: 0
Value: $60 Min: $25
Date: Sun Feb 20, 2011 - 2:30 PM

E3 A Morning with Horses

Spend three hours, 9-12, on a warmish day with Peg, certified therapeutic riding instructor and three horses. NO RIDING, just grooming, work on the ground with gentle instruction,learning about these large, graceful creatures. Snack provided. Time will be arranged at your convenience. This is perfect for your horse-lovin' kids!

  • G. Azzata & Peg Hall

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $70 Min: $20

E4 PreTeen Girl Scarf, Hat and Mittens

This wonderfully hand-knitted 3 piece girl's winter set of scarf, mittens and hat are perfect for your preteen girl. The color of this Moreno Wool set reflects the blue of our WNC sky. What a perfect Holiday gift.

  • Joan Crawford

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $40 Min: $10

E5 Chip & Dip Pottery Tray

This gorgeous and useful pottery is made by Mary Murray, one of the longest standing potters in the area. Mary is known for her pottery which can be used in the kitchen or dining room while also bringing beauty to it.

  • Dick & Susan Bir

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $50 Min: $10

E6 Charming Wall Hanging for Child

This delightful hand made quilt-wall hanging is perfect for your daughter or grand daughter's room. Each of the 16 dresses is unique and this is the perfect decoration for your budding fashionesta! It measures 33x28.

  • David & Carole Coogan

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $45 Min: $5

E7 Denham-Warth Quartet

You know this fabulous group, formerly known as The Mountain Quartet. They will sing for you at your special event....maybe a wedding, a memorial service, or a seminal anniversary-birthday party. What a treat that would be!!!!!

  • Tom & Jane Warth

Qty: 1 Remain: 1
Value: $200 Min: $50

E8 Summer Flower Bouquets

With this item, you will be the lucky recepient of eight lovely flower bouquets from the Rowe's garden during the months of June through September. Just think of how your living room will look with these lovely flowers!

  • Jean & Lackey Rowe

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $50 Min: $10

E9 Handmade Bath Set

Handmade oatmeal and honey soap, accented with calendula and vanilla bath salts. Bath supplies are displayed on handmade pottery--soap dish, large and small vessel--all locally produced.

  • M. Kimble & G. Peterson

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $35 Min: $10

E10 The Ultimate Exercise--Your Bike, Indoors!

The CyclOps Wind Trainer attaches to the rear hub of your bicycle. It is designed to help avid bicyclers maintain their fitness throughout the winter or other inclement weather. HOWEVER! Anyone with a bicycle who wishes to improve their fitness can use this device to turn their bicycle into one of the best exercise bicycles they've ever experienced. The design of the CycleOps allows you to use the gears on your bike just like you would on the road

  • R.K.Young & Kay Webb

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $110 Min: $15

E11 An Italian Basket

This basket contains one liter of the first cold press of olive oil from 150 year old Olive trees on Reniella, the farm of our Italian friends; four bottles of Italian wine (two whites: a Villa Borghetti Pinot Grigio (2007) from the Veneto region and a Fortunata Vermintino(2008) from coastal Lazio; two reds: a Michele Chiarlo Reserve Barbera (2005) and a Fattoria Monte Reserve Chianti (2001)from Tuscany); di Cecco Pasta; Italian black olives; De Lallo Italian bread Stakes (Grisini; Biscotti; Perugino Chocolate. Winning this basket is like taking a trip to Italy...just close your eyes while you are sipping the wine!

  • Dan & Jane Carter

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $110 Min: $75

E12 Homemade Basket of Muffins + a months worth!

Homemade muffins from my own recipe book made for a month (12 a week for 4 weeks) All made from 90% organic ingredients, my speciality is lacto-vegetarian or vegan-made and are freezable. Each week I will make a dozen muffins of one type of my choosing from my personal cookbook or I am willing to take suggestions from the winning bidder, as well as any allergy or preferences. In the initial auction display basket contains Orange Cranberry & Almond muffins & Spice Pumpkin & Pear with pecans and Carrot Raisin Bran muffins(full ingredients & recipe included in the basket)
I'll also include with each new set the recipe for you to add to your personal collection.
Bidder exhanges over phone or email their prefferences or any allergies for that set 3 days in advance from when & where they want them to be delivered.There is no set time for when you can have your next order as long as the tally adds up to 4 weeks and I have a 2 day notice.

  • Aurelia Kime

Qty: 1 Remain: 0
Value: $60 Min: $15